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Raport integrates 30+ metrics from 7 popular web apps into one, clear and easy to use dashboard.

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Raport integrates metrics from:

Clear and easy to use analytics dashboard

Raport combines all the best features of useful analytics dashboards, leaving behind what's unnecessary and annoying.

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From: raport@raport.pro
To: you@company.com, your.team@company.com
Subject: Last week (7 August - 13 August) you had 86.37% higher Revenue compared to the week before!
Here's your weekly report for Great Project
We've prepared your weekly report (7 August - 13 August). Here is a quick summary of your most important metrics.
Organic traffic
8 031
Ad Impressions
49 738
31 886

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Raport delivers daily, weekly and monthly reports via email. Each report is generated automatically and contains metrics that matter to you.

Detect anomalies in your data before they affect your business

Raport notifies you with custom alerts, so you know about any issues just in time.

”Raport helps us stay up to date with all our relevant product statistics in the easiest way possible.”

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”What an incredible product! Raport is everything a startup needs to stay on top of their metrics. From analytics and all the way to financial metrics, Raport has it covered. A much needed product by a fantastic team.”

Val Sopi, Founder at
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